Business Appreciation Award Winner

Morrow Shoe Boot and Repair

Mayor Jeff Bloemker, Theresa Morrow and Bill Morrow
Morrow Shoe Boot and Repair
320 W Jefferson Ave
Effingham, IL 62401

The City of Effingham has named Morrow Shoe Boot and Repair as a recipient of the City of Effingham’s Business Appreciation Award. 


"Morrow Shoe Boot and Repair represents a business presence and a craftsmanship that has been consistent in Downtown Effingham for many decades,” stated Mayor Jeff Bloemker. “They occupy a key location in the gateway to the Downtown arena and it is a pleasure to celebrate the service and products they offer.  We are glad Bill Morrow chose Effingham!"  


One nominator stated, “Bill works hard to keep customers feeling great. He also repairs purses, boots and more. He is a giving and generous man.” “Bill is always giving back to his customers. He always goes out of his way to make things right,” stated another nominator. 


Bill Marrow has owned Morrow Shoe Boot and Repair for six years. Business has grown every year for the past five years as Bill strives to keep his pricing down while increasing the volume of products and services he offers. Customer service is a top priority to Morrow Shoe Boot and Repair, and working with Red Wing and Tony Lama make it easier for Bill as they offer USA made products and great warranties. Bill also likes to focus on his turn around time for the customers as he knows no one likes to wait on repairs. 


He is very grateful to the previous owners as they showed great interest in keeping a repair shop in Effingham. This store has been at this location since 1972 and Bill hopes that they will be there for many more. It is hard to come by a store like this as Bill states, “We draw from about a 75 mile radius as repair shops have become scarce. I hope that this would bring people to other businesses in town.” 


Bill is the only employee at Marrow Shoe Boot and Repair, but his family helps him out a lot and for that he is very thankful. He would also like to thank the Kuhns family, the Woolfords and especially the McGees for all of their help and support.


We appreciate the positive impact that Morrow Shoe Boot & Repair has had on the Effingham Community and we would like to congratulate them on receiving this award.