Welcome To the Mayor's Blog!

Welcome to the first post on the new Mayor’s Blog!


I hope to be able to put relevant topics out on this channel a couple times each month and get good feedback and ideas from the community.

I’d like to hear what we, as a community, want and how I and the City of Effingham can better serve the community.

We will edit out any profane or defamatory content so, please, use good editorial judgement as you express your ideas.

You now have a voice.

Let’s give it a workout…


Inaugural Topic:

While it’s fresh in our minds, what kind of 4th of July Celebration does Effingham want?

The parade just hasn’t gotten the kind of participation we’d like.

Do we like the idea of going to other communities during the day… or, just staying home or in the neighbor’s backyard during the day… and then coming out in the evening for a nice fireworks display?

Or, coming out in the evening for a nice fireworks display that’s supported by some other fun events and displays in the area of where the fireworks are being shot off?

A “Fireworks Festival,” of sorts.

The KC Hall has already made some nice progress in this direction… should the City jump in there and help leverage that success?


Tell me what you think.


All The Best,


Mayor Bloemker



It's hard to argue the state run "safety checkpoints" hinder peoples willingness to get out and celebrate. We live in a new world order and I don't know how the city can change that. I for one would get out and celebrate too but the risk of "felonizing" myself is just too great. I'll stay home.

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