Workman Sports Complex Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Mon, 2016-09-19 13:26

The Workman Sports Complex recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebrated their grand opening.

Mayor Jeff Bloemker stated, “This building is becoming an important part of my life. In my opinion, there is no better way to start the day than in an exercise facility of this caliber. My favorite spot is up in the North Alcove on a stationary bike… watching the sun come up on many of the 36,000 vehicles that pass through Effingham every day. That’s where I plan my day and I’ve become addicted to it.

 Yesterday we gratefully dedicated the memorial plaque at the new Effingham Public Library.

 My sentiments for that effort are very similar to this effort.

 When talk of creating a sports complex started to bubble up around town years ago, I didn’t give the notion much credibility.

 It was a long shot at best.

 As I stand here today in the Richard E. Workman Sports and Wellness Complex, I am once again happily reminded that the people of Effingham never quit. 

 This project is an excellent example of how public/private partnerships can be so beneficial to communities. This beautiful complex will bring people and attention to Effingham. More importantly, it will help create great Effingham citizens.

 THANK YOU to Hank Stephens for keeping the faith all these years. 

 THANK YOU to The Rick and Angie Workman Family for giving the dream its wheels.

 And THANK YOU to all the donors, the Effingham Park District, the board of directors, and dedicated staff for following through every day.

 You all make Effingham look great and we’re proud of you!”