To Burn or Not to Burn

Speaking of hot topics… what is your position on burning yard refuse in the city limits?

There are very credible positions on both sides of this issue.


But let’s face it… burning yard refuse creates air pollution.  That is an indisputable fact.  But at issue is how much air pollution we are willing to allow.


It appears that we must ultimately recognize the health ramifications when we allow any burning.


Should we ban burning all together?

Should we allow burning on certain days?

During certain months?


Tell me what you think.


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If you are going to ban burning, the city of Effingham should pick up and dispose of the yard waste. The citizens of Effingham would complain if their neighbors did not take care and maintain their yard, but with not being able to burn it and the trash companies not picking it up, we are left with few options. There is also the issue of time restraints. If you limit it to a few days or months (you are already not allowed to burn after 5 pm), those with different schedules may not be able to meet those requirements.

I agree there needs to be a resource for the yard waste so burning can be banned it's very bad for people with cops and asthma to have to breath the burning waste but as said before people don't want there yards in kept

The health ramifications alone should be reason enough to ban burning. It seems ridiculous to me that we limit smoking so as not to expose others to the second hand smoke but then we turn around and condone the burning of yard waste which forces others to be exposed whether they like it or not. There are times when you can't step out the door or drive through town without choking on the smoke produced from these fires. Is this the type of community that we want to live in??

I think ban burning but allow citizens to dispose of yard waste for free at a city site. This way no new taxes.

We only burn because thats the only way to dispose of it. We have lots of leaves. We would accept alternative. It needs to be a pickup service on a monthly basis. Also would like to see citywide recycling!!

To take away all burning would be very problematic for many home owners, especially in older more mature neighborhoods. I feel burning should be allowed, perhaps 2 or 3 days a week. Smoldering or burning of material that does not burn quickly is the issue. I'm not sure what the solution is to the smoldering past 7 or 8 pm is. Perhaps a good informational campaign using radio.

As much as I like the smell of leaves burning on a crisp Autumn day, I have to defer to my 30 years of health care leadership and urge that burning be minimized if not stopped. There is no debate on the health risks of smoke, not to mention that of unintended fire. With that said, a leaf burning ban or limit will be unsuccessful without the City taking a leadership role in providing one or more alternatives. There are many successful options in many communities. Even the town of 4000 that I once called home in NE Iowa provided a community leaf pile where citizens could bring and dump their leaves. This was then managed and transformed into compost that citizens could use in the spring for gardening. I'm sure you have many examples from others. The point is, how is leaf removal any different from garbage removal, waste water control, and snow removal, all of which are governmental services? Thanks for asking the question!

As a person who loves to have the windows open during the autumn days, it has become impossible to do that due to the leaf burning in our subdivision. Well, I can't call it burning as much as smoldering. I would like to see a dumping site for yard waste which people can drop off their lawn clippings, branches, etc. Also, have a truck which will vacuum up leaves during the Fall months as long as the homeowner has the leaves in piles next to the street. You might want to talk to the mayor at the City of Altamont because they have been doing this for years.

Agree that everyone wants their yards kept and the neighbors yard as well, but the smell & health issues need to be taken seriously. Myself, my daughter and now my 9 yr old grand daughter all suffer from migraines. When we are cleaning our yard in the fall, we mulch them with the mower as much as we can. Yes it uses more gas, but it prevents from burning and blowing them into the street clogging the storm drains.

Im being carful not to use profanity or defamatory content in order to be sure my post get’s posted. I also have a witness sitting with me to prove that I did indeed type this up (they may be recording it). My question is why are we talking about “burning leaves” when we have real issues up for vote at the next council meeting? Yep I am talking about the suggested changes to the city's liquor ordinance. Mr. Mayor I find it interesting you say you want our feedback but you don’t put anything on your blog about this and we do not all use Facebook. And didn’t the paper just give you some award or recognition for transparency? Hmm… interesting!

You have the floor, my friend. What would you like us to know about the proposed changes to the liquor ordinance? Also, bear in mind the contact information for each City Councilman is listed in this web site. -mayor bloemker

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